Where to buy expired domains?

Turns out Google still loves backlinks.  And what is the best way to generate high quality niche relevant backlinks on demand?  Expired domains!

Most people will then build out a new website on the expired domain and point that site to their money site in an effort to increase its authority and rankings in the SERPS.  This tactic has proven to be the most effective for manually impacting rankings so it is very popular.

With the high demand of quality expired domains, how do you go about finding them?

You have a few options.  You can buy them from a broker, you can follow auction sites or use tools like Registercompass to find them.  Or our preferred method, you can use an expired domain crawler like Project Lazarus.

An expired domain crawler or scraper will basically go out and search the internet for expired domains.  The beauty of this is you can get very niche specific expired domains and all it costs is the price of registration.

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