Getting on the Web and Winning!

seo consultantHow many times have you started a blog or website that you really hoped would take off, only to become bored and disappointed with it over time because nobody ever came to it?

Pretty common problem.  Most people don’t know how and don’t have what it takes to actually build a big following for their website.  Maybe you’ve tried a free Adwords voucher to drive traffic, but found that it didn’t bring any sales or so few that it didn’t make sense to keep using paid advertising like that.

The natural next step is people hear all sorts of things about search engine optimization (SEO) which is supposed to be the golden goose that keeps on giving free traffic and sales.  Only to discover that without hiring an expert SEO consultant you actually go nowhere, or worse yet you got your website penalized.

So what do you do now?  Should you just give up with trying to build an online business?

Obviously there are people out there who are having success.  So what do you think is making a difference with them that you’re missing out on?  Do they know something you don’t?

These are all great questions that I’m going to be addressing in a series of articles over the next several weeks.  If you have a specific question that you’d like me to address, send me an email or a comment and I’ll add it to the agenda.

High Tech Service Equipment

Okay, I’m looking for some input from readers.

What are the coolest high tech service equipment and tools that you’ve seen?

I’m not talking James Bond stuff, I’m talking every day equipment that service companies and professionals use to make their jobs easier.

For example, truck mounted vacuum systems. These things could suck a camel through the eye of a needle it seems.


What else have you guys seen around town, or that you personally use that is cool?

*** UPDATE 3/17/2014 ***

Wanted to give some credit to the great guys over at Willard Power Vac Duct Cleaning. They do fantastic work.